kiKii Morgan is a young ,Toronto-based fashion designer with a fresh signature style! This self-taught seamstress embodies fashion and her style is ahead of its time. Her collection is a clear reflection of a woman who is poise, sensual, and confident. This collection is for the risk-taking and fashion-forward wise woman who feels sexy and sultry in her own skin. Her chic, boundary-pushing designs, garner great attention to detail and will guarantee that her pieces will forever stay in high demand.
Interview with Kii Morgan


image(1) What inspired you to start? – Like every other woman who loves to shop, I was looking for unique designs to wear. One day I thought to myself….Kiesha, just make it. I went to Singer, bought a sewing machine, watched a couple YouTube videos (that thing is God sent) and started sewing.


(2) When did you realize you wanted to become a designer? -At first it was just for fun to save some money instead of buying clothes every five minutes. Then I was getting asked, “Where did you get your dress? I want one.” That’s when I decided to create a business plan to turn this into something life changing. I just can’t believe how fast I’ve made this happen in such little time. It’s truly a blessing.


(3) What does your craft mean to you? -My craft to me is like my reputation, it’s my professionalism, it’s my work ethic, and my passion. This craft, my craft, has opened up doors I’ve never imagined. I’ve managed to build important meaningful relationships to further this new venture of mine.

(4) How would you define your personal style? -My style is all over the place. It’s classy, professional, and sexy. Sometimes, I like to look reserved and sometimes I like to spice it up. It’s all conforming to what’s in currently. It’s 2014 and I have to stay relevant.


(5) What is the most important thing to you about your brand? -Authenticity. Affordability. Quality. Anything you see on my site I didn’t take from anyone or as most designer’s describe “inspired by”. Yes, some designs are similar to others but I would love to think it’s great minds that think alike. My designs are very reasonable. I sit down and hand make every garment myself. I’m making a design specifically tailored to you to last a lifetime. Who wouldn’t pay for that kind I service? It’s nothing but the best for my brand. There isn’t a garment or material I wouldn’t wear myself.

(6) What keeps you motivated? -When I noticed my stitching wasn’t too straight first starting out (haha). I’m a Virgo so perfection is in my nature. I practiced, practiced, and practiced to be the best I can. That’s what keeps me motivated.

(7) Any pre-game rituals? -Criminal Minds. I love sewing to that show (haha).

(8) What is your favorite thing about your job? -It’s a variety of things. Reading great reviews and customers posting pictures in one of my many pieces. I’m able to get creative when working on a new pieces and to have my concepts in mind come together. It’s just an amazing feeling.

(9) What advice would you give to someone who would like to become a designer? -Strive to be best at your craft. It doesn’t happen over night . Never give up if this is something you truly want to do.

(10) Where do you want to be in 5 years? -Fully established and known all over the world owning my own boutique.


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Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor