IMG_0604Jerrod Jordan is a South FL (Miami) based fashion stylist. He attended college at Miami International University of Art & Design for his bachelors in Fashion Merchandising, but got kicked out after two quarters due to his student loans being denied. After being kicked out of college, he set out on his own as a freelance stylist. Jerrod Jordan has styled and assisted with several fashion shows, fashion events, and professional modeling agencies: Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein, Cubavera, Funkshion Swimwear, MBFW -Miami-, 24 Hour MTV Cotton Fashion Show, and The Rolls Royce Party, to name a few. He has worked as the in-house menswear stylist with Urban Outfitters and the in-house stylist for the J-Lynn media group in Atlanta. As the new guy in an ever so dominating and competitive industry, Jerrod Jordan is definitely a name we’re expecting to see more of!


“Interview with Jerrod Jordan”

(1) When did you realize you wanted to become a stylist?

  • I think like everyone else…I had no clue what a stylist was at first. One night I was up late and the show “House Of Glam” came on. The stylists Atiba Newsome, Mike B, Crystal Streets, and Groovy Lew caught my eye. I saw what it was that they were doing and it just made so much sense for me to pursue it. I was always the one dressing my family and friends for the clubs, parties, and special events.

JJ photo 2(2) What inspired you to start?

  • Styling came so natural to me. At first I wanted to either be a professional chef or a Fashion Designer…haha.

(3) What does your craft mean to you?

  • My craft is everything to me. It’s my blood, my sweat, my tears, my dedication, my struggle. I mean, I know that I’m not curing cancer or anything, but for me to know that I am participating in helping someone feel good about themselves and giving them their groove back or creating an iconic moment is really self gratifying.

(4) What keeps you motivated?

  • My will to succeed and not accept failure or defeat and also my family and friends. They’re that loud embarrassing Aunt, outspoken Uncle, over protective siblings, and dramatic parents rooting for me at the finish line. I can’t let them down.

(5) Who is one of your inspirations?

  • Rachel Zoe is my biggest inspiration. She can do no wrong in my eyes. I love what she has built. With all of the negativity that was once attached to her name she still came out on top. I love the fact that she takes risks, is in love with her career and Fashion, and is constantly evolving. She went from just styling to designing two successful lines, writing two successful books (both if which I own), and is now executive producer of her hit reality show “The Rachel Zoe Project” (I own every season). She is also writing a scripted series based on her life. She is my icon and my inspiration.

(6) How would you define your personal style?

  • My style has completely evolved over the past couple of years. I would say my style can go from urban to rock star to glunge (glam/grunge). I would love for it to be more “bad ass downtown New Yorker” but I’m not that cool yet…ha!

(7) What is your favorite thing about your job?

  • My favorite part about my job is the amazing people I come across and become friends with. Photographers, models, entertainers, you name it. We all just click immediately and I love that. 

(8) What is the most important thing about your brand?

  • Perfection. I’m a perfectionist. I’m always so hard on myself because of me wanting everything to be so perfect. I always try to be proactive to prevent anything from going wrong, and just in case something does happen, I’m usually good at executing an action plan; but I have to sometimes remind myself that some things are just out of my control. I count to 20 and move on.

(9) Any pregame rituals?

  • I mean I can’t give away all of my secrets…haha, but before I actually meet with a new client or take on a new job I dive into research. I search social media accounts, look up past and present photos, their accomplishments, and hound them with like a bazillion questions.

(10) What is a random fact about yourself?

  • Ok, this is random, so this is our little secret Danie…haha. I have this weird thing for the number 3. I have 3 favorite colors, foods, favorite candies, wash my hands 3 times, brush my teeth 3 times, wash my face 3 times, and even when I shower I wash 3 times. I also have this crazy thing with even numbers (if you notice on my Instagram I’m never following an odd amount of people). Only even amounts. And Danie if I didn’t want to scare you I’d tell you about my pet peeve with money facing the wrong way…haha. Oh yeah! It gets scarier!

(11) What advice would you give to someone who would like to become a stylist?

  • Wow. I’m not really good at advising. For anyone trying to break into the fashion industry I would just advise them to stay consistent, stay hungry, and always keep your word. Never give up!

(12) Where do you want to be in 5 years?

  •  So in 5 years I want to get my feet wet with designing. I mean it was my first passion, right? I can’t get into all of the details as of now, but an eyewear line is coming in the near future. I want a different level of success and I’m considering moving to the West Coast.




EMAIL: [email protected]


Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor