photo7 copyHaute Filth is a brand marrying urban culture and modern designs through progressive imagery. Conceived in the heart of the bay area, Haute Filth pushes the envelope and deviates from the norm by embracing fashion as the pinnacle of its ideology while still remaining loyal to the rawness of the streets.

“Since 2011, we have been dedicating ourselves to injecting the highest quality and craftsmanship into our apparel. As a result, our brand is continuing to turn heads and raise eyebrows in the industry,” said Haute Filth founder, Yasir M.


“Interview with Haute Filth”


(1) What inspired you to start? Designing and creating things that come to life always has and will be fun to me. When I started screen-printing, I was printing for a lot of other lines and as I started to get more familiar with it, I got more into it and started to get creative and wanted to start my own.

(2) When did you realize you wanted to start a business? In 2011 when everything first started coming to mind.

(3) What does your craft mean to you? It means a lot. I have put every ounce of me into this. Nights of not sleeping and sacrificing a lot just to get where I am now. This is only the beginning.

(4) How would you define your personal style? I am pretty weird. I don’t know if that defines anything or not.

(5) What keeps you motivated? Money (haha). Succeeding and proving people wrong.

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(6) Who is one of your inspirations? I would have to say Floyd Mayweather. As a boxer and a business man.

(7) What is your favorite thing about  your job? Creating. It is so much fun being able to bring something to life and after the fact seeing people telling you it’s dope!  Also, I like that I get to work for myself and not have to answer to anybody.

(8) Any pregame rituals? Coffee and food (haha).

(9) What is a  random fact about yourself? I am pretty random and I like to wear shoes with no socks.

(10) What is the most important thing to you about your brand? Putting out quality work. I am so picky with everything, I have to have everything perfect.

(11) What advice would you give someone who would like to start their own clothing line? If you’re looking to start a clothing line, be prepared for stress, headaches, and loss of friends (haha). Regardless, believe in yourself and your brand. If you’re able to, get yourself a strong and good team together that are all on the same page as you. You will see things starting to flow

(12) Where do you want to be in 5 years? I want to be fully established in life. I want everything I’m working at now to be already set and done. I don’t want to be rolling the wheels of my brand anymore, I’d like to be sitting back and over looking everything.


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Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor