IMG_0672Nevada Randolph is a self taught makeup artist who hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With her southern charm and electrifying artistry, she plans to have her name known in households all over the country soon.


“Interview with FACEDBYNEVY”

(1) What inspired you to start?

– I was at home one day getting ready for a pool party and the dress I wore had lots of spring colors. I  wanted the colors to match my eyes and I really didn’t have time for someone to do my eye makeup. I had to do it myself. When I left the pool party that day, I was given so many compliments. I knew it didn’t look that great, but I realized it was something I should pursue.


(2) When did you realize you wanted to become a MUA?

When I was diagnosed with heart disease in 2008 and I had to have surgery in order to survive. I knew things would be different. I spoke with my grandmother and she stated that I’m always in the mirror fixing my own hair and doing makeup. I should invest my time into earning a new trade. I decided I wanted to learn makeup.

IMG_3367 (1)(3) What does your craft mean to you?

-It’s amazing! I love what I do. My vision takes me places that I never dreamed of and as soon as I pick up a makeup brush, I’m looking forward to starting a new trend with makeup. Before I start to apply makeup, I’ve already completed a face in my head.

(4) What keeps you motivated?

-My dad who is deceased. He told me from day one to follow my dreams and never let anyone tell me I can’t be greater than the next. Reach for higher goals and never settle for less. He believed in me and always kept me motivated by encouraging me and giving me nothing but good advice.

 (5) Who is one of your inspirations?

-Stephanie Jenkins. I met her while shopping at the MAC counter in the mall of Louisiana and she invited me to come to her makeup class. I learned a lot in her class and was drawn in by her personality and her passion for makeup. She encouraged me to keep pushing and I would eventually learn the business like she did. I also ran into her at a MUA event in Los Angeles and she gave me an ear full about the makeup business.

(6) How would you define your personal style?

-Classy but sexy. Of course my makeup is always on point. I like knowing the latest makeup trends while creating slight twists to it.

(7) What is your favorite thing about your job?

-I love keeping my clients happy. I can’t envision myself letting them leave my chair without being satisfied.

IMG_3594(8) What is the most important thing about your brand?

-Staying true to it. My name is built off of my personality and work ethic so if I don’t maintain that, then I can’t continue my business.

(9) Any pregame rituals?

– I pray for success with my business. I always give God thanks for this opportunity.  I also wear two rings on my right hand for good luck.

(10) What is a random fact about yourself?

– I love to drink Dr. Pepper. That’s my energy drink.

(11) Where do you want to be in 5 years?

-Instructing students at my own MUA school.

(12) What advice would you give to someone who would like to become a MUA?

-It’s not about being a makeup artist, it’s about mastering the craft of a makeup artist.




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Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor