Instagram is a huge outlet for outfit inspiration in this day and age. Beauty gurus, models, designers, shops, and stylists all make up a huge portion of Instagram activities. A lot of fashion bloggers as well use Instagram to give a mini preview of their blog sites and showcase their fashion sense and ideas. A personal favorite of mine is instagrammer Yanin Namasonthi @prettysickly. She’s definitely not the only blogger that uses Insta but her posts are amazing, always quality, and I consider her to be among the best of the best. Yanin definitely is someone to look to if you need inspiration for your outfits on a daily basis. Her choices are always trendy, comfortable, and make statements because of their simplicity. Honestly I consider her to be a celebrity among fashion gurus everywhere. Her blog ‘I Dress Myself’ is a gorgeous example of fashion at its finest and provides a lot of insight into the fashion world as well as the world of fashion blogging. She styles a lot of different pieces in her everyday looks constantly twisting and pushing the norms of fashion. Another great thing about Yanin is that not all the pieces that she displays are through the roof in prices. There’s range to her posts which makes it a little bit easier to obtain nice items that work well together. If you see a cute piece on her website nine times out of ten she lets you know how you can add it to your very own collection. Her posts are never boring and the pieces she showcases are items that’d you wouldn’t find in five different stores. Her site isn’t just limited to fashion Yanin also blogs about beauty and travel as well. The pictures on her website are so colorful and well planned that they make you feel like you’re along for the ride with her. All in all I’m a huge fan of Yanin and I encourage you to go check out ‘I Dress Myself’ and find some inspiration of your own. I look forward to seeing where Yanin Namasonthi takes us next.

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Author: Olivia.G ~ Contributing editor