As a college student, it is important to look professional so your professors know you take this experience seriously. Lately, I have noticed that women are beginning to make those old boring, black and grey suits into something fashionable. And I sure am loving it! At award shows, women are likely to wear suits just as men do, instead of extravagant dresses. This shows empowerment of women against all odds; you do not have to wear a ball gown all the time. If you want to wear a suit, there are many selections to choose from now – check out some pictures below!


This is my favorite suit by far! Ever since Keke Palmer pulled this off, I felt like it could be something to wear to a meeting (with a little more coverage), or even a night out. Nobody wants to party in a short cocktail dress anymore, get your groove on in a pants’ suit!


Blake Lively in this beautiful Michael Kors suit is fabulous! I love the bright red color, and how the sleeves are folded in a not so perfect way.


Only time you could go wrong with white is when you’re not careful! But on the other hand, white is surely sophisticated and innocent looking. A white suit with colored pumps is the way to go!

Author: Kassandra.L ~ Contributing editor