These days it seems like in order to wear cute high quality clothing you have to break your bank, but in actuality it’s the exact opposite. There are plenty of online sites that carry quality clothing for a reasonable price. You just have to look! Nicely made clothing that’s affordable is now in our grasp. New sites like etsy, chictopia, and storenvy are revolutionizing the online shopping world allowing bellas on a budget to reach their full fashion potential. Don’t spend more money on your wardrobe than you really have to.

Now be warned although these sites seem perfect in every way everything that glitters isn’t gold. Not every seller on these sites is to be trusted and if you feel like something fishy is going on don’t give out your money or information. You have to be frugal and aware of the dangers in the online shopping world so purchase at your own discretion. Here’s a quick overview of a couple of the many online stores that you can buy from.






While not everything on this site is bargain price you can still find some really nice pieces for a fair one. Unique items are common on this site and haute couture abounds for less than regular department store dollars. Chictopia stays true to their name and provides a source to a lot of chic unknown stores.






 Big Cartel is the hot spot for up and coming clothing lines and vintage finds. Popular brands like KYC Vintage and Hype London had their start on Big Cartel. This is definitely one of the best places to find new brands that not many people know about. If you’re all about discovering brands and repping them before everyone else does you really need to check it out.





Etsy is a great place to find vintage and handmade items. If you’re the artsy type that really likes to work with their hands then Etsy is your one stop shop to handmade heaven. Most things on Etsy are super cheap but their good quality items and they sell items where you can make your own quality items as well. Etsy provides a wide range of cool, interesting, and eclectic items for every kind of person. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find what you’re looking for on Etsy.





Storenvy is a personal favorite of mine because they provide a huge marketplace for a lot of nice clothing brands to be able to sell. You can literally find the cutest items for really cheap. A $50 budget will go a long way on Storenvy. Warning you do have to be cautious while shopping on Storenvy a lot of these sellers are international. Make sure you’ve checked out the seller and you feel comfortable before buying the item.



A little more expensive but great quality. Their sale section has amazing pieces for great deals.



Affordable UK fashion at it’s finest.Great buys year round especially during festival season. I love it and so will you!


Happy Shopping you guys! Let us know some affordable online stores that you shop @inticeonline



Author: Olivia.G ~ Contributing editor