The Balmain Fall 2015 runway show just passed in the beginning of this month on March 6, and since this is one of Kim Kardashian’s favorite designer labels, she showed up to watch and support Kendall Jenner’s appearance on the runway. Recently we’ve seen Kim’s newly dyed platinum hair while she sported another one of Balmain’s pieces before it was even showcased. This time, it wasn’t the bold bright hair that was grabbing all the attention.

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The fabulous Kardashian sister showed up in a shimmering rose gold mini dress drenched in strings and strings of FRINGE. Although this particular item wasn’t seen in the show, it’s clear that it’s another Balmain design created by her good friend, French fashion designer, Oliver Rousteing. In this particular dress, jeweled embellishments cover the shoulders and run down the arms– also in a bright rose gold sparkle. Although this dress received criticism for being a little too flashy and over the top, it solidly displays the major key trends of the season- a soft black shade that showcases the array of fringe and dazzling rose gold color.

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Since last year’s spring season, rose gold has been making an astonishingly quick return. Being flashed obsessively all over Michael Kors and Marc Jacob’s trending watch and jewelry lines, rose gold has been the new and biggest hype for non apparel. When it comes to adding a highlight to an outfit, traditional gold and silver has stepped aside to make room for this dazzling new color. Rose gold matches flawlessly with an assortment of different colors ranging from something as dark as a deep elegant black, as vibrant as a bright white, or even as subtle as a pastel blue. Its flexibility and unique variation immaculately puts this trend on the top its hype for this spring and upcoming summer. Whatever your opinion may be for rose gold, this trend is here to stay.

Author: Liana.A ~ Contributing editor