Not sure if anyone noticed, but after a long day of shopping I realized that flare pants are becoming a powerful asset to clothing. I say this because not only jean flared pants, but sophisticated, chic, flare pants that could be used for a business setting as well.


I don’t think anyone would have thought of this match up, so whoever did is completely brilliant. Denim button up shirt with flared trouser pants are giving me life! I love it because you can mix up the colors of your pants because the denim shirt will remain denim. I believe a bright red flare pant would complement the denim shirt well. Love this look.


This outfit reminds me of a day in Miami Beach! The pattern and material of chiffon on the flare pant represents relaxation and peacefulness to me. Flare pants can also be used to have a blissful walk on the beach. It is very versatile.


Love the olive green flare pant. It is complete with the crop tee shirt along with the statement necklace. Very casual and chic look to it.


This is my fav!!!! It looks very edgy but professional at the same time.


This is an example of a denim flare pant which is also high waisted. This represents a edgy casual look.


As you can see, flared pants are not just becoming trendy but they are very versatile. They can be used for business, casual, edgy, or beach casual.

Author: Kassandra.L ~ Contributing editor