Being the 3rd week into April, it’s time to start getting ready for the upcoming prom and formal season. It’s always better to start earlier than later, and the sooner you start looking for your ideal dress, the better. Once we start diving into the month of May, dresses start flying off the racks and selling out in all stores and even online. Everyone has experienced the misery of finding the perfect dress, but no longer having your size—don’t let that happen to you again! Here are a couple online options that’ll give you a head’s start on your fast-arriving prom and formal.

  For those of you high-schoolers out there, prom is a night you’ll never forget. One of my biggest regrets was wasting $200 on a dress that I only wore once. Back then, it seemed completely worth it, but now that dress is just sitting solemnly in my closet, not getting any attention whatsoever. To be quite honest, I don’t think I’ll ever find another event to wear that dress to. It’s simply too extravagant for anything formal-related besides prom. My best advice for you is to stick with something affordable and timeless: that way, you can use it over and over again and relive your perfect prom statement at a dinner party, at a wedding, or even Vegas! Here are a couple of sites to give you a jump-start on your prom or formal shopping. These online stores offer a huge selection of dresses at really reasonable prices.

Charlotte Russe offers over 200 options for party dresses alone. No matter how formal or how casual you’re aiming to look, they have the perfect dress for you. They offer a lot of chic, timeless classics that will sure to look effortlessly flawless. They also constantly have sales to help you save more without having to give up looking your absolute best. Check out their huge selection HERE.

Humblechic is another site with a lot of great options. Especially if you’re more on the conservative and proper side, this store is for you. They show just the right amount of skin without pushing the boundaries. If comfy, cute, and low-cost is your style, this is the online store for you HERE.

If you’re looking for something with a louder statement, Tobi is the perfect site to find daring dresses. Not only are they edgy, but this site is perfect for any college student’s or high schooler’s budget. They’re trendy and cheap; and there is no way you can beat free shipping and free returns. Start looking for your bold dress before someone else steals your statement HERE.


Author: Liana.A ~ Contributing editor