Everyone speaks on how the fashion industry is such a hard industry to get into. Personally I believe that if you really want it, you’ll work for it and achieve every goal you set for yourself. But to make things a little easier on young women looking to get an internship over the spring/summer or maybe land a job already, I have come up with some fashion interview looks. You can use these looks for any interview – fashion or not – I just know in fashion interviews you have to bring your A game! Check it out below.


I created this look for girls who are going into the fashion industry who also enjoy making fashion statements and looking as fashionable as possible. The bow on the trousers is amazing, followed by the colorful and fine detail of the blazer. I chose a white button up shirt that goes on as a bodysuit because I personally hate a bulgy shirt hanging out of a pant. I love this look, I feel like this is perfect for a girl who wants to show her employer that she has her own sense of style as well as confidence wearing it.

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This is for someone who likes the little black dress idea. Because it is black as well as a turtle neck collar I’ve decided to add in a blazer that does not have a collar as well as nude/black or black/white because either or complements the dress well. Remember you want to be fashionable but be conservative, the length of the dress is perfect for it is a fitted dress. More dresses with a flow vary in lengths.


I love a good pants suit for women that doesn’t portray the boring mom suit look. The trim of black on the collar and pockets are very fashionable. It can be finished with a black or nude shoe, doesn’t really matter. I prefer the nude because it would even out the amount of black that is already in the suit. A white blouse to go underneath the blazer would work perfectly.

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   Accessories needed: a watch would be perfect because you need to know what time you need to be there as well as getting there early. It makes you look as though you take time seriously. I picked a rather small watch because you do not want anything too big and flashy for an interview. I also picked a laptop briefcase, something to put your laptop or iPad in along with any paperwork or your resume which is needed. Always pick a fashionable bag because everyone admires a great handbag.


Lastly, always use natural to light makeup. Be yourself, show your natural side. No need to pile on makeup and look like a clown. Especially if the company you are interviewed for is an advocate of women empowerment. Be comfortable in your own skin.


I hope these help the young women out here to get an idea of how to dress at a fashion interview. Good luck to anyone applying for an internship or job; chase your dreams ladies!!

Author: Kassandra.L ~ Contributing editor