Festival season always brings a fresh twist to summer style. The classic hippie collides with the wild vibes of a reinvented Woodstock. Coachella is known to have showcased some of the hottest street fashions from regular celeb attendees like Vanessa Hudgens and from all of the music devotees that have made the trip since 1999. However, this year the Governor’s Ball in Randall’s Island Park, NY brought some fierce competition to the festival scene.

So far this season we’ve seen a lot of the usual mixes between grunge, bohemian, and retro fashions. Festival goers covered in mystical gold and silver temporary tattoos, matching two piece rompers, short shorts that show everything your momma gave you, and a not so surprising binge on fringe. Of course the classic flannel will never go out of style and what kind of summer festival would it be if you didn’t have your huge poker face shades on.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the weekend start of the festival. Hopefully these will provide you with some #ootd inspiration for your summer shopping.



A chic wide brimmed fedora and shades are perfect for blocking out bad vibes and the blazing summer sun.


A colorful dashiki paired with some basic Birkenstocks makes for a cute and comfortable indie look.


Classic cuffed high waisted shorts and a halter crop top come together to make a clean cut outfit with simplicity that speaks for itself.

gb10Her overalls are super cute and add a playful twist to the usual racy festival scene. I loved the way she paired them with her Superga sneakers. This look has to be my favorite because it’s super comfortable and appropriate for a day filled with festival activities.


A cutoff band tee and ripped short shorts are a great way to look grunge and stay cool during the festival weekend.


A crazy print kimono is the perfect balance to the white converse and crop top combo.

There were so many cute outfits worn this weekend to the Governor’s Ball that it would be impossible to cover them all so I picked a few that I thought everyone could relate to. If I missed any let us know your favorite festival finds @inticeonline

Author: Olivia.G ~ Contributing editor