While people are off to Prom already, a lot of you guys still have time! Next to diamonds, shoes are a girls second best friend! A pair of hot, trendy prom heels are a must for any fashionistas going to prom. Take a look at some of the cute shoes I found and maybe you’ll purchase something similar.


Available at Promgirl for $80, I love these; it is a black sparkle shoe with mesh on the areas that are not covered.


As you can see these Alisha Hill heels go perfectly with the dress that this model is wearing. The big rhinestone diamonds complement the dress, it is something simple but classy and tasteful.


I like this heel for the girls that just rather have something simple. Nothing too extravagant or showy; just something that fits just right.


One of my favorites! This shoe reminds me of a mermaid because of the colors and the way the small circle sequins are placed on this platform heel. This is something with a little extra to it, it should definitely be a heel that is seen and definitely complement her dress. It is fabulous; love it!


 This is my all time favorite out of all of them because it is so simple and seems plain until you reach the part with the glitter effect. This is the perfect platform shoe for people who want to keep it somewhat simple while also having a strap for extra support while walking and dancing.


All of these heels you can find at a prom store, or a shoe store like DSW and prom dress shops like PromGirl. Goodluck ladies!

Author: Kassandra.L ~ Contributing editor