In the city that never sleeps, looking your best at all hours of the day and night are more crucial than ever. There is no such thing as too much makeup, heels too high, or dresses too gaudy for Vegas. The idea of ‘too much’ simply doesn’t exist. But what should you wear and what should you bring? And how much of ‘too much’ can you actually handle before your outfit falls apart? Here are some essential tips to helping you make your nights in Vegas the most fun you’ve ever had, the most comfortable you’ve ever been, and the best you’ve ever looked.

Bags: The plans for your night-out hugely determine what sort of bag to bring. If you’re expecting to have a classy sit-down dinner or a cozy seat at a show, using a clutch works perfectly. Your clutch isn’t moving around much, and neither are you. If you’re going to be parading the strip and you know you’ll want to take one too many drinks, a crossbody bag will do more wonders for you in the end. Although clutches and handbags are cute, if you lose it or accidentally set it down somewhere and forget—that cute look will start feeling like the biggest mistake of your night. Don’t let that happen to you, because in the city that never sleeps, there’s no room for silly slip-ups. Think about what kind of night you want and what kind of bag will work best to help you instead of trouble you.

Heels: Finding cute heels are easy! But finding comfortable ones make the search for the perfect pair way more difficult. Going the extra mile and not settling for the first adorable but painful pair is the way to go, especially for Vegas. There’s a lot of walking, a lot of dancing, and on some nights, a lot of stumbling—so don’t settle for less and get a pair you can’t live in. The higher, the more fabulous, but it’s not smart to get a pair that you can’t rock all night. If you’re uncomfortable in your shoes, not only do you suffer, but everyone around you can tell—and that’ll cause for huge distraction from the perfect look you took time to prepare. Don’t be that person that has to carry their heels before they even get into the building—you go all out, but don’t fall down in the process.

Extra-accessorize: A lot of ladies don’t go glammed out every day of their normal lives. When going to Vegas, a lot of them forget these essential going-out accessories: Falsies, jewelry, and nails. Many girls aren’t born with naturally long and luscious eyelashes, so falsies easily work to make your eyes pop. Jewelry is an absolute must. Without jewelry, let’s face it—your outfits are bland, flat, and outright boring. Jewelry is the essential accessory to complete an outfit, but if you don’t accessorize right, you’ll end up looking ridiculous. Always do your research to find what length of necklaces, what type of earrings, and what sort of bling in general will compliment your outfit instead of suffocate it. And overall, nails complete your look. A perfect manicure or a full new set of acrylics are the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Here were a couple of fashion tips to make your nights out in Vegas the best you’ve ever had. Follow these in order to have absolute comfort, accessibility, and style.

Author: Liana.A ~ Contributing editor