The weather is warming up and I been seeing the popular jean jacket everywhere so far. I mean why wouldn’t I? It’s light and convenient for usually whatever outfit, but today I am going to break down what a jean jacket can look good with and what it isn’t even necessary for. Every outfit doesn’t go with a jean jacket, and if you thought so check out my Do’s and Don’t’s below!

1. Flare skirts w/ denim jackets are chic, and simplistic.
2. Neutral shirts/dresses: if styling an outfit around a jean jacket, make sure you have neutral tones shirts and/or dresses because too bright of a color will look tacky with a denim jacket. Keep colors like black, white, tan, and grey in mind when wearing something with a denim jacket.
3. Color jeans with a denim jacket is a plus for the more trendy, outgoing people. The girls who love colorful denim pants could definitely go for a style with a denim jacket.
 Color Denim - DO
4. Jean on Jean: feeling trendy? Want to dare to be different? Jean on jean is not as bad as everyone claims! You do not have to be matchy all the time, adding some jean on jean the right way will have people looking like “I can pull off that look too!” Definitely would recommend, Dare to try different things against the norm.
 DO- jean on jean
5. If styling your jacket with a dress make it again, a neutral color, BUT also, do a casual body con dress. Nothing too fancy. Jean jackets are seen to me as a simple accessory. Don’t overdo it.
 simple neutral bodycon dress DO*
Club Body Con Skirts - DONT
1. NO body con pencil skirts. It makes it look as if you are attending a club rather than a day out with your friends. I say this because when I see someone with a jean jacket and a body con pencil skirt, their tops are usually blouses – not crop, not cotton, not basic at all. What you never want to do is have a well dressed outfit on and ruin it by adding a jean jacket. This outfit would look amazing without the jean jacket.
 Maxi dresses - DONT
2. That last rule applies to the other rule of the DON’Ts! Maxi dresses – no denim jacket. I know you guys do it all the time and you’re reading this like why! Well, I show major appreciation of the maxi dresses, they are my favorite BUT I would never top my maxi dress off with a denim jacket. Most women end up covering the whole top of the dress making it look as though the jean jacket is your shirt and the dress is actually a skirt. Let’s not fool anyone; plus, maxi dresses are beautiful!!! Whether they have an amazing pattern, or cut out in the back, you should show off your glow and your dress – without the denim jacket.
Author: Kassandra.L ~ Contributing editor