Patterns and colors are always a safe bet when it comes to looking trendy and chic for the spring and summer. Stores and boutiques everywhere sell all the bright shades of yellow, blue, coral, and red, accompanied with a floral, aztec, or eloquently decorated print. There is no doubt that radiant colors and bold patterns are the look and feel of the summertime. However, Ebba Z has introduced a new and absolutely daring look. She creates stunning fashion statements using mostly solid articles of clothing lacking or completely absent of color. Centralizing on solely blacks, whites, and grays, Ebba has revolutionized the ideals of spring and summer modern fashion.

Her looks create a very post-modern yet classic appeal for all formal, work, and casual wear. Mixing in subtle pastels or brooding dark tones allow this Sweden-based fashionista to command attention without distracting from the overall outfit, making her style look artistically finished without looking too cluttered. Each carefully constructed outfit contains her unique style with a hint of urban appeal. Sometimes, a flare of pattern and color will be added in, only to be boldly drawing attention and avoiding all subtle additions. Let’s take a closer look at some of her outfits.

This is an outfit posted recently on May 13 and already gaining incredible attention with over 700 hypes on Lookbook. She mixes a very contemporary look of a baggy turtleneck and loose capris to bring forth attention to the daring Bagabond Sandals. To add a touch of her usual urban feel, she integrates Nike through her socks and drawstring bag. Overall, this look is very simplistic, yet oddly bold in the most peculiar way.

One of her most adored looks comes from a post this past April 1st, showing off a completely solid-colored outfit. She wears an ivory dress with a white coat, accompanied with a white crossbody bag, and all topped off with a white nail polish. The contrast focuses on her shiny sleek Shellys London’ ankle cropped shoes. This stylish street worn outfit is chic, simplistic, and in every way adorable.

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Author: Liana.A ~ Contributing editor