All the new craze!  Shirt-dresses.  So simple yet so cute.  Now a days its not just about wearing a plain t-shirt and shorts but rather wearing the new modern style that incorporates a mixture of cultural blends.  With a shirt dress it is a comfortable outfit to lounge around in or even dress it up and wear it out at night.  The soft materials used to make a shirt dress is so relaxing that there’s no need to ever wear those tight uncomfortable jeans in your closet ever again.  Trends are gearing towards comfy yet high value quality clothing.  No more playing dress up with tight leather jackets, stiff jeans, or thick wool coats.  It is all about wearing something that feels as if you just put on your pajamas.  Because no one wants to feel uncomfortable in their own clothes all day long!  So start checking out the latest shirt dresses for the fall season.  You can wear them with leggings, add some big statement necklaces, or even layer it with a dashing peat coat.  Whatever your style is try it out with a shirt dress!

Brandy Melville - Luna Top | $22

Urban Outfitters - The Fifth Label River City Tee Dress l $65

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