Yes, my dreams are coming true. Can you believe it? If you are into to sports gear then this is a big deal.  If you don’t know what a subscription service is then it’s the same exact thing as JustFab or Birchbox. Birchbox for instance, is a subscription service where you receive sample size beauty products monthly for $10. Adidas is trying to get in the 5 million billon subscription business with Avenue A by sending their customers curated boxes filled with shoes, apparel, and accessories every quarter for $150. Same deal as birchbox, just more expensive and more sporty.

The box will feature a mixture of running and lifestyle apparel curated by fitness artist Nicole Winhoffer.  The boxes will be aimed at a female audience because they hold all the buying power opposed to men or in other words they spend all the money. However, a men’s box could be on its way too, according to Chris Brewer (Adidas running specialty manager). One product that will be definitely included in a future subscription box will be the Adidas’s PureBoost X running shoe, which was released just last week.




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Author: Monique.B ~ Contributing editor