When it comes to denim, pairing them with a jacket, simple tee, vest, or other item’s constructed from denim is our quickest go to outfits. So why not, take good care of them? Here are some other ways to manipulate your denim at home with impressive results.

1.Refresh an old pair of jeans by covering the pockets with cool fabric. There are lots of Youtube tutorials you can watch to get the inspiration that best fits your style.

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2. When shopping for new jeans, remember the size means nothing. You’re likely to wear different sizes in different brands. It only matters that you feel amazing in them and how it fits your body.

3. Make cool cutoffs by cutting an old pair of jeans and slightly distressing them.


4. To keep jeans from shrinking in the washer machine, wash them in cold water. Avoid super stiff air-dried jeans by sticking them in the dryer on medium heat for about 10 minutes, and then hanging them over a chair or rack to air dry.

5. Repair a broke zipper with just a needle and thread. Check our this step by step tutorial by Make It Or Fix It

6. Replace a broken button. You might think if the button falls off your favorite jeans that it’s time to lay them to rest and call it a day—but all you need to do is remember Frugal Girl Tricks.


Got any tricks for your own? Be sure to comment and let us know!

Author: Emma.V ~ Contributing editor