Plain white tees! Everyone loves them, but not everyone knows how to wear a white tee in style. Luckily, I noticed this while getting dressed this morning and decided to share my way to style a white tee with my outfit of the day (OOTD)!


Now I started off with just a loose plain white tee that I purchased from Forever21 for only $12.80 awhile ago. It is plain and white but it has a black strip of gold spikes on the shoulder but it is so thinly placed it isn’t so noticeable. I added ripped jeans because I feel like with a simple shirt such as a plain white tee, you should add some edge to your look. What better way to go than with an edgy ripped skinny jean?


For outside purposes, or even going to the mall or a date, I threw on my Aztec pattern poncho. I absolutely love this poncho! Its big, warm, and perfect for any season except summer probably! But overall, I added the poncho to this look to spice up the plain white tee. It complements it well because it has different colors in it which all coordinate well with white. Again, I purchased this poncho at Forever21 for $32.90


Lastly, footwear is a must have. I decided to go with a nude heel rather than just a typical black heel. The nude shoe will provide softer tones to even the whole outfit out. The color nude is more of a simple chic look, because it does not contain the bold, bright colors but it isn’t as expected as black heels. I don’t remember where I purchased these heels, but if you need a pair don’t go all out on an expensive shoe; just any plain nude heel would do the job.

Now, this is just my idea of styling up my plain tee look. I believe girls can also use bold, bright blazers or cardigans to go with their white tee. Overall, white tees should be complemented with a bold article of clothing so it isn’t just a soft look. You can add some spice in it with bold, brighter tones whether it is within the outerwear look or the footwear style. If the bright cardigan or sweater isn’t your thing, try a pastel color blazer and go all out with the shoes. There are so many ways to style a white tee.

Either way, don’t be afraid to rock your plain white tee in style!

Author: Kassandra.L ~ Contributing editor