If Beyonce, Iman, and even Kim Kardashian are rocking it then why aren’t we? The sleek ponytail is the new thing. From runway to runway or red carpet to red carpet. It took over and frankly I love it. It’s a nice and elegant alternative to the “messy bun”, which although is acceptable most of the time should never be on the high fashion runway or the Grammys red carpet. It’s a simple yet elegant way of taming your mane. The important thing is to remember to not over do it with the gel, there’s a fine line between sleek and slick.

This is a look that can be tailored to most women. Whether you’re a side part person or go for classic straight down the middle. You can pair it up with your favorite “take on the world” heels and “here I am” red lipstick for a night on the town. Or maybe your favorite pencil skirt and blouse for the office. Any way you choose to play it up or down this hairdo is here to cater to the modern woman and I strongly believe will suit anyone. So next time you’re bored with your hair try this out, you could feel like Beyonce or Chanel Iman.


Author: TG