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A smile can lighten up a room…almost literally! When the color of your teeth is not where it should be, you can become very subconscious. You may often think someone notices the discoloration every time you open your mouth. Some people don’t feel that oral health is important, but just like any other bone in your body…it is! Discoloration can say a lot about the health of your teeth.

There are several factors that can cause teeth discoloration which include:

-Disease: Certain ones can affect tooth enamel

-Food & drinks: Research what foods & drinks can stain teeth


-Improper teeth cleaning

Teeth whitening is a great option to help you fight outward teeth discoloration.

Here are some of the treatment options you can choose from:

teeth white1

-Whitening strips: You can purchase whitening strips over the counter at your local retail stores.

-Whitening toothpastes: This is one of the cheapest whitening options available.

-Whitening gels: These can be purchased over the counter or you may contact your dentist for professional gel options

-Whitening rinses: This is a fairly new option. Typically the main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. Results using this treatment may take longer the other treatment options.

Dental-hygienist-Whitening trays: These can also be purchased over the counter or from a professional. Lately there has been a boom of whitening tray systems which are offered at reduced rates versus going to the dentist.

-In office whitening: This is the best option. Seek professional care if you have tried other options and failed. Going to a dentist is definitely more expensive, but the results are quicker and will last you the longest.


If you can’t afford some of these options, you can create your own whitening mix. Here is what you will need:

(1) Water

(2) Baking soda

(3) Hydrogen peroxide

All you have to do is mix all three ingredients until it is a paste, then brush! You can mix it in with your toothpaste or use it directly. I like to mix mines with toothpaste to avoid the awful taste. Some advise you to floss after brushing, but I prefer to floss before in order to remove all of those food particles I can’t see.


I know this article will be helpful to someone. Remember, the best way to maintain white teeth is proper oral and health hygiene! Clean your teeth from the inside out for your brightest smile possible!


Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor