If you have skin anything like mines, it’s one of the worse feelings ever. My breakouts started at 16 and from then on, it has been a tug of war battle with me and my skin. I have had some awesome skin moments and some moments where I just wanted to crawl into a closet and not come out ever! At certain points throughout my skin’s journey, it had gotten so bad that I did not want to even leave the house! I was too embarrassed of my skin to go anywhere. I constantly stared in the mirror because I was so paranoid about new pimples popping up. There are not too many feelings worse then being afraid of your own skin. These days, me and my skin have been getting along A LOT better! My skin has gone from -50 in the “terrible” department to a solid 65 in the “not too shabby” club. My skincare regimen is golden to me (at least for right now). Prior to my miracles in a bottle, I had been over processing my skin with products that were not healing me from the inside out.

Want to know what I am using that has helped me virtually wipe out my acne? Below is a product list. I suggest you consult with a dermatologist before trying any of these products. Everyone is different so what works for me may not work for you. I hope these products will work for you!




(1) Wash with Panoxl Acne Creamy Wash (4% Benzoyl Peroxide)

(2) Apply Avar-e Cream (pea size amount)

(3) Moisturize with Simple Moisturizing Lotion


(1) Wash with Panoxl Acne Foaming Wash (10% Benzoyl Peroxide)

(2) Clean with Seabreeze Sensitve Skin (blue on)

(3) Apply Epiduo gel (pea size amount)

(4) Moisturize using Eucerin Daily Protection (pea size amount)



I plan to eventually implement an exfoliation process once a week. Be on the look out for that!

Have you tried any of these products and have they worked for you? What holy grail products do you suggest? Let me know below!!!

Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor