sally_hansen_airbrush_legsHave you ever put on a skirt and then had to change into pants, or put on tights, out of frustration that your legs were too pale? Or perhaps felt self-conscious about the imperfections of your skin? This is a common ritual that most women at one point or another have experienced-and it most certainly can get frustrating when all you really want to do is go bare-legged in that new little dress you were so excited about.

Well, Ladies, our prayers have been answered. Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup gives off the perfect glow for your legs, while temporarily correcting the skin tone. The product makes your legs look as if you are wearing tights-that’s how good it is! The best part is that the glow appears instantaneously-no waiting around for color to show up several hours later, as most self-tanning products require. The leg makeup is water resistant and dries within minutes. It is a must-have for everyone woman in cases of quick-fix emergencies!

The product can be found in most drugstores, as well as Ulta stores and costs $14.99. It is suitable for variations of different skin tones, ranging from “Light Glow” to “Deep Glow”

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