Have you ever seen someone very attractive and then when you got next to them the first thing you noticed was how dirty & brittle their nails looked? Nails may not seem like a big deal, but it’s very important to maintain good nail health.

Check out these tips to keep your nails looking fab!



(1) Clean underneath your nails using a nail cleaner, glass nail filer, or whatever you prefer. Dirt trapped underneath nails for too long can lead to infections, and that’s not fun nor cute.


(2) Filing your nails properly will make your hands look and feel better. Nails that are too long may break easily and are more likely to hold dirt.


(3) Biting your nails is a no no. Not only are you placing more disgusting germs in your mouth, the results look terrible!


(4) Remove excess grime like old nail polish from the nail. You shouldn’t always wear acrylic nor polish because like you, your nails need time to breath.


(5) Washing your hands properly is so important when it comes to nail health. This will make your appear healthier by removing germs and dirt from throughout the day.

Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor