Many women strive for flawless, radiant looking skin. Unfortunately, most of us are not born with natural unblemished skin so we need to take other measures in order to achieve it. One very popular method of achieving “perfect skin” is to use foundation. However, it is often very difficult for women to pick the correct shade of foundation for their skin. In fact, according to Sarah Vickery, PhD, CoverGirl’s principal scientist, “only 15 percent of women choose the correct shade if the appropriate tools aren’t provided.” (VIA While this is true, there does exist tools that women can use to figure out which foundation shade is right for them.


An easy way of figuring out the right foundation shade for you is to put a small amount on a Q-tip and apply it to the center of your jawline along the side of your face. The foundation is a match if the shade appears invisible.

Nonetheless, while this technique is great, experts say in addition to looking at our skin tone, we  also need to pay attention to our undertones which include: neutral, cool, and warm.

Cool undertones:cooltones

Women with undertones that are considered “cool” have veins on their inner wrists that appear blue. These women often turn a rosy pink color in the sun and they also burn quickly. The best foundations for these women are foundations with rosier, redder, or blue bases. A celebrity example of a cool toned woman is Eva Longoria. Women with darker cool undertones have a darker complexion like Arlenis Sosa.


Warm undewarmtonesrtones:

Warm undertoned women have inner wrist veins that appear green. In the summer, they quickly turn bronze or darken in color. The best foundations for a woman with warm undertones are foundations that have a gold or yellow base. Lighter-skinned warm toned women have a complexion like Eva Mendes while darker-skinned warm toned women have a complexion like Zoe Saldana.


Neutral undertones:Selena_gomez

Women with neutral undertones have an equal number of blue and green veins. These women tend to also look great in any shade of lipstick and eyeshadow. A celebrity that has neutral undertones is Selena Gomez.



A more simple way of figuring out which undertone you have is to see if you look best with gold jewelry or silver jewelry. If gold jewelry tends to look great on you, you have warm undertones. If you look best wearing silver jewelry, you have cool undertones. If you look great in both, you are neutral.

With these tips are tools, every woman is bound to find a foundation shade that makes her skin look flawless and radiant. 

Author: Caroline.H ~ Contributing editor