Some women prefer shorter hair and that’s fine! For the ones who prefer longer lengths, here’s a few tricks that will be helpful to you in achieving the length you’ve always wanted!


(1) Less Stress: It’s true what they say, stress can kill you! It also can kill your hair (well not literally of course). Stress can cause hair loss though, and who needs that?


(2) Trim: Just because your hair is long, doesn’t mean it’s healthy! Those ends of hair that just won’t curl, let them go! It’s just there. No point in holding on to hair you can’t make any use of.

Close-up Of Beautiful African American Woman Eating Salad

(3) Eat healthy: A good, balanced diet is important for every part of your body…even your hair! Try a healthier diet and eventually you will see your hair glowing & growing a bit more!


(4) Stay away from heat: Always putting that flat iron on your hair is one of the quickest ways for it to break off. Too much heat will damage hair follicles and leave you with the mom curling hair that I mentioned earlier. I know it’s tempting but try to use heat as less as possible.


(5) Protective style: Contrary to popular belief, protective styling isn’t only for natural hair types. It’s beneficial to all! Not only does it save time, it will also prevent you from over processing your hair which will cause instant growth!


What are some things you do to help your hair grow?

Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor