Now that summer is approaching, finding a cute hairstyle that is easy and lets you feel comfortable in the heat is a must! Thankfully, there are so many hairstyles that you can wear this summer that are simple to accomplish and that will only take you a few minutes to do. However, the easiest hairstyle that you can wear this summer is the pony-tail!


Pony-tails are incredibly easy to do and will keep your hair from sticking to your skin in the summer months. Additionally, pony-tails don’t have to be a “throw-away” hairstyle and have the potential to look cute and feminine! There are so many pony-tail hairstyles that you can try, but there are two in particular that will make you look gorgeous and chic!

1. The New Wave Pony


Trying this particular pony-tail style is a must because textured hair is still on trend. This style is very easy to do and will only take a few minutes. Before pulling your hair into a low pony, simply brush it back away from your face. Using a 1-inch curling iron, add a few loose waves to your pony. To do this, hold the iron perpendicular to your hair and wrap sections around the barrel. Finally to achieve the ideal “beachy look,” hit the tail with some salt spray!

2. Crazy Curly Pony


To create a super-feminine look, put your hair into a high pony-tail. To create beautiful, glamorous curls, use a large curling iron (1.5-inch size barrel) or large hot rollers. Finally, so your curls are not bouncy, brush them out slightly with a boar bristle brush.

Author: Caroline.H ~ Contributing editor