Red lipstick has become as significant and convenient as the little black dress! You could never go wrong with either, as a matter of fact, the two actually go perfect together. Red lipstick is seen as bold and sexy, but it has grown to be recognized as a sophisticated, casual look as well. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, and Rihanna have allowed red lipsticks to become a timeless beauty product.

 Taylor Swift Switches On Westfield London Christmas Lights

Taylor Swift is the Queen of red lipsticks. She wears it perfectly, with any kind of outfit. Taylor wears red lipstick with a little black dress, a white suit, and even casual outfits such as plain tees and jeans, or hoodies. Taylor makes red lipstick look like the perfect color for any occasion.


Rihanna wears her red lipstick on beach trip while sipping on a Corona. The red lip while by the water, hanging out with some friends shows a casual look along with a sense of boldness.


Here we have the beautiful Rita Ora. With all three women being different skin tones, they all wear their shade of red lipstick very well. Taylor Swift keeps a vibrant, bright red lip with a hint of orange tint to it which lightens up the boldness of the red. Like Taylor, Rita Ora wears a bright and vibrant red look; it is a bright red, very bold, and even complements her forest green hat unexpectedly. Rihanna, on the other hand, has a deep red; it is not too bright but just enough for her complexion.

Basically, red lipstick is for any complexion, it is just about finding which shade goes with yours.


Lastly, we cannot possibly discuss red lipstick and not mention the lovely Marilyn Monroe! She paved the way of red lipstick before women had an appreciation for it. Marilyn wore red lipstick just as much as Taylor Swift does today; therefore, revealing how much times can change, but red lipstick doesn’t.

So tell me, are you going to find your perfect shade of red lipstick to complement any of your outfits?

Author: Kassandra.L ~ Contributing editor