It’s throwback Thursday and the Chinese bang hair trend has definitely crossed my mind. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I loved the Chinese bang (I even got it before lol!). Why not bring it back? Let’s browse through all the different hairstyles that incorporated the Chinese bang to give it a sophisticated but edgy look!


Here we have the messy bun with the Chinese bang. It shows you can go from straight hair flowing down your back to putting it up in a bun and still looking good!


This beautiful woman wears the Chinese bang in a simple straight long look. She keeps it simple with an all brown color.


Just as the lady above, this woman adds some color to add a bit of edge to her look.


Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, have pulled off the Chinese bang look before. Here it is cut in a bob length style and it is absolutely gorgeous!


Not only are Chinese bangs for long hair, but with short lengths too. This woman is gorgeous, rocking her Chinese bangs with a Halle Berry short cut – love it!


Love and Hip Hop star, Erica Mena wears her Chinese bang complemented with a high long ponytail. Very chic and sophisticated look.


I love this look because it goes outside of normal boundaries. Most people wouldn’t think of bangs with a loose wave, but this actually looks very soft and chic. I like it.

Author: Kassandra.L ~ Contributing editor