Summer is for relaxing and having fun. Why not have a little fun with your hair? Many people use the summer to put their hair away so they don’t have to worry about styling it everyday. Not sure what styles to get? Don’t worry. Heres some easy protective styles:



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This style is really easy to do yourself and not time consuming. This is my go-to protective style because they last for months.

Crochet Wigs: 

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This style is easy to do yourself or you can get a professional to do it as well. This style is great because it doesn’t add tension to your real hair.

Crochet braids: 

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I love this style. It can be completed within an hour. The best part about this style, is that it is versatile. You can straighten the hair (on low heat) or curl the hair. Depending on how you prefer. I will say this style does irritate your scalp so make sure you keep your scalp hydrated.

Lace Wig: 

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This style has less wear and tear on your hair. It looks natural (if blended correctly) but I would say this style is very pricy. You can buy a lace wig already made they are priced starting at $70. You can also make your own wig. They have hundreds of tutorials on how to do this style on Youtube but you will have to buy hair bundles and lace closures. If you have the money, I say go for it.

Author: Autumn.S ~ Contributing editor