I think we all can admit that we’ve been hard on our hair. As if the wind, rain, styling, flatirons and everything else wasn’t enough damage to our hair. And not to mention we have all these rules of don’ts. DON’T wash it too much, DON’T blow dry your hair too much with out a comb, and most importantly NEVER flatiron!

But thankfully we have a some junkies, HAIR junkies that have some other suggestions on how to fix our damaged hair. Here are a few products that help damaged hair:

  1. Moisturizing Duos: Off the back, you think that shampoos cleans and conditioners add back that moisture that our hair needs but think twice about that. Consider using moisturizing duos. They earn you more cool points with your hair when you use this. A suggestion would to use  a product called Redkin All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner that contains Argan Oil It makes dry hair, soft. 
  2. Fix those SPLIT ENDS: We have all been told once before by our hair stylist that the way to fix split ends is by cutting them but not any longer. There’s another way which is a serum called Tresemme’ Split Remedy Split End Sealing Serum. This serum works just after three washes. It bonds together with your split ends like a magnet…hard core science isn’t it?
  3. Conditioning: What some people do not know is that it takes a lot more than just shampooing and conditioning. There are extra processes that are needed. That process is deep conditioning at least once a week. The wonderful product that is needed called Pantene Pro-V 2-Minute Moisture Hair Masque Deep Conditioner. This conditioner camouflages the dryness and damaged hair. 
  4. Blow Dryer: Wouldn’t it be great to actually be able to blow dry your hair and not damage your hair? Well your wishes have come true. The blow dryer I speak of conditions at it dries the hair. Sounds unbelievable right. Well believe it. The hair dryer is called T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i. What it does is that it evaporates water from the surface of the hair and doesn’t damage the hair at all. 
  5. Most important is HEAT PROTECTION: The product you should use is Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray. This product helps with the frizz and also adds shine to your hair once you’re done with your blowout. 

Other suggestions would be: Don’t brush so hard, remember the brush is your friend, try giving your hair a break, and try air drying your hair and not putting so much heat to it. 

Author: Jazmyne .W ~ Contributing editor