Everybody is always into the latest makeup trend whether it be the newest eye shadow palette, the best way to contour your face, or the best way to conceal your blemishes. I know some girls that just enjoy wearing makeup because they view it as a form of art or a hobby, but I also know others that use makeup as a way to hide their natural skin because they don’t feel pretty. Bad skin is a natural part of life and we all have to deal with it at one point or another. Before you put on foundation, concealer, or primer you need to make sure you’re putting as much effort into taking care of you’re natural skin as you are putting into dolling it up.

This means washing your face, cleansing it, moisturizing it, and possibly using the occasional acne remedy. There’s nothing wrong with going to see your dermatologist every once in a while. In fact I recommend it because they know more about your skin than you do and you can get a reliable solution to your problem. In my opinion if women and girls took better care of their skin then makeup would be even more celebrated as an art and would be used for special occasions not just as a mask to hide behind. I know girls who treat makeup like their cups of morning coffee, they can’t leave the house without it. I want women to be confident with and without their makeup on.

The women of ancient times didn’t have MAC and or Ulta down the street. They used good old soap, water, and the resources that the earth provided. So lets kick it old school and go back to basics with natural skin care. Remember I am in no way bashing girls who wear makeup everyday. If that’s your thing than you do you girl. I myself used to spend weekends watching beauty tutorials on Youtube utterly amazed by these girls who had the ability to create something amazing using a brush and some eye palettes. The name makeup artist definitely is fitting and I have the utmost respect for the profession and interest. I just want you guys to remember that there’s more to your skin than what you put over it.



It is always good to start off with an effective cleanser. After a night on the town or throughout the day your skin has built up a lot of shine from the dirt and grease occupying it. Gross I know but true. Your cleanser doesn’t have to be name brand or the latest on the market, soap and water will do the trick. Just make sure whatever product you do choose to use doesn’t irritate your skin. When cleansing you want to make sure you clean out all the dirt and grime that has collected on your face throughout the day. An easy concept to grasp is if you eliminate dirt you eliminate acne. Don’t scrub too hard or you might damage your face; just gently apply and sing a 20 second version of one of your favorite songs. My personal favorite cleanser from experience is St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. It worked miracles for my face and brought peachy scented relief. I have really sensitive skin, you could look at me the wrong way and I’d probably break out but after using St. Ives my skin was perfectly normal and refreshed. You can buy St. Ives at any local drugstore or a place like Target for about 5 dollars.

If you want something a little stronger use cleansers that have benzoyl peroxide in them. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this unless it’s been prescribed to you by a dermatologist. That stuff is strong and it will suck all of the moisture out your skin. A product that strong might not work well with all skin types so for an acne cleanser like that I’d wait until a doctor gave you the go ahead.



There are a lot of different types of acne medicines out there for all different types of skin types. Ones promising to rid you of your black heads, white heads, and all those other gross things that appear on your face. Try each product with caution and watch your skin to make sure nothing weird is going on. There are brands like ProActive and Epiduo that work well with a lot of different types of skin. Epiduo worked for me and ProActive didn’t but like I said there are different medicines for different types of skin so you have to use trial and error to find the best one. Once you find the right product don’t be discouraged if your skin isn’t improving but getting worse. There are two possible reasons for this: either your skin is not working well with the medicine or the medicine is doing it’s job. If a rash appears on your skin or if your skin starts to burn it’d probably best that you stop using the medicine and give your skin a break. If you start to see more acne then you can be happy because most likely your skin has started the process to recovery. I was once sitting in my dermatologist’s office about to lose it. I used the medicine she prescribed and low and behold my face got worse. My doctor was supposed to give me medicine to cure my acne not to help it multiply. When she walked in I started rambling about all the problems the medicine has caused and she just laughed at me. That’s right she laughed! Then she preceded to tell me that my acne was supposed to get worse before it got better.


The acne medicine is not a magician that can magically make your acne disappear. It instead speeds up the process of your breakout until all of it is gone. So most times when using acne medicine you’ll see more acne before you see less. Now you don’t have to panic because a good thing is happening. Also when applying acne medicine or product do not overdue it. There is no need to slather it all over your face because it won’t work any faster. My doctor always tell me to apply only a pea sized amount to the face. It should be enough to cover all of your trouble areas but if not you can always apply a little more just don’t overdue it.

Now your acne has finally decided to say  goodbye but not before leaving their marks. That’s right I’m talking about dark spots! We all hate them so much yet they seem to never want to go away. Good news there is now a magic eraser for your face. Doctors have discovered many ways to get rid of these horrid blemishes like the over the counter product Nadinola. Nadinola is great for removing dark sports from all over your body BUT YOU MUST BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS PRODUCT. It is in the family of bleaching creams and bleaching creams are not to be played with. People have ruined their skin using these products the wrong way. Bleaching creams are super powerful and are extremely concentrated, but they did work for me. Once again all skin is different so I would recommend trying home made remedies before you went to straight to the cream. Honey supposedly helps with dark spots as well as lemon juice just everyday stuff around the house that you can try first before playing with the big boys.



Many times after I have put on my acne medicine my face is left drier than the Sahara. There is usually no moisture to be found and my face is tighter than a plastic dolls. We don’t want to keep our skin deprived of the nutrients it needs so a good moisturizer is always essential to put on after applying your cream unless your doctor has said otherwise. You don’t want a moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling oily and smothered. Light moisturizers made with natural products like Aloe Vera are best to use for your face. A great product that I have used myself is Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30. The product goes on very smooth against the skin and I don’t feel like I have a layer sitting on my face as the day goes on. Another important part of this moisturizer is that is has sunscreen in it. It is good to always put on sunscreen before stepping outside. Buy a moisturizer already infused with it if you can if not your local drugstore’s supply is fine too. What sunscreen does is protect your face from the sun because if the sun gets a hold of your face your dark spots will get darker so it is important to keep the sun blocked.


One last reminder is to stop picking at your face! Whether it’s a nervous habit or something you do unconsciously make it your business to stop. Picking at your face creates dark spots and all the dirt on your hand gets transferred to your face. Be proactive against the problem instead of furthering it.


I tell you all of this from my many years of experience with dermatologists and acne medicines. Not all of this may work for you so if you have any concerns or questions about your skin make sure to schedule an appointment with your nearest doctor. Listen to your skin and learn what works for it and what doesn’t. Try to create a routine that your skin can get used to and eventually you’ll see it get healthier and healthier. The best remedy for all acne woes is W-A-T-E-R. Drink lots and lots of water to keep your body hydrated and keep functioning regularly. Nothing does the trick like a nice glass of earth’s oldest refreshment.


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Author: Olivia.G ~ Contributing editor