Don’t you just hate when you misplace your favorite lipstick? Ooh, or what about that favorite mascara that makes your eyelashes look fabulous? I know just how you feel. As young women, we tend to splurge on make up products but not on things that will keep them stable. Even make up bags allow for clutter and an unorganized mess of makeup everywhere. I’m not sure about you but lately I went through my make up drawer and ladies, I could not find anything I was looking for! So, I went out and purchased a makeup organizer along with lip stick holders at a reasonable price.


I purchased this acrylic cosmetic organizer along with lip stick holders. I have the biggest obsession with lipstick so I know in order to keep all of them close, I need each of my lipsticks to have a holder. I purchased this from TJMaxx for only $19.99 total.


This cosmetic organizer is one of the best for people who may not have vanities or enough table space for make up. It has three cosmetic drawers for anything that cannot go in the above organizers. It contains lipstick/lip gloss holders to the right, and a huge space that could be filled with eye shadows or nail polish to the left. I would definitely recommend this to women who do not have drawer space for their make up.

vanity trays

Now this is a make up compartment organizer for girls who have a make up drawer already but just need some organization. Me personally, I would buy this because I do have a vanity but it is full of jewelry – which I must say this could be used as organizers for any jewelry as well.

I think organizing make up is essential if you apply very often because you don’t want to lose your cosmetics. We all know make up isn’t the cheapest thing, it isn’t like collecting socks. So take care of your products! Look into buying the ultimate organizer, or just some compartments to make your drawers more neat. Whichever works for you, but definitely get one. It’s worth it!

Author: Kassandra.L ~ Contributing editor