r1Hey ladies, can we talk? Let’s get real for a minute. We all have spent money on random cosmetics, with no idea how to apply it, what to do with it, or what it really does. How many times have you been to the beauty store, drug store, or random convenient store and purchased makeup thinking it was “cute.” Once you get home you realize…IT SUCKS! It’s either the wrong tint, looks cheap, or just fits you completely wrong! EW!  Now, you’ve wasted your money on something you’ll never use again. It happens! Whether the products are expensive or a few bucks at a drugstore, money is precious! Well so is your face. 🙂

I have personally became sick of my makeup fails. All I want is to be a normal girl with great makeup, skin, and self-esteem. It may seem a little far fetched, but…I think I’ve found a fellow makeup lover who may hold the key to my makeup MISHAPS!

Her name is Raye. She’s a gorgeous blogger who does awesome beauty tutorials. She’s not the average vlogger who’s stiff in the camera with tons of expensive items you’ll never buy. She goes through each tutorial with voice overs, walking you through every step. She even talks about skin issues and how she struggles with her skin, self-esteem, and hair. While she may be comfortable in front of the camera, Raye makes the experience comfortable, funny, and easy.

It’s refreshing to watch someone not so intimidating.

She posts all the tools she uses in the description box of her youtube channel. You will have no problem finding what you’re curious about. She has tons of videos about anything from applying lashes, what foundation is best, and what makeup is most affordable.

Check out Raye’s YouTube channel: ItsmyRayeRaye
Instagram: @ItsMyRayeRaye

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