We all want those high-end and expensive eyelashes we see some of our most beloved stars wear and want to wear them ourselves but we don’t really have the cash to spit out for it. So where do we go and get those HIGH-END eyelashes from? Luckily, one of the stars is looking out for those that want that look. That star would be Blac Chyna.

She has created a website called Lashedbar.coThis website includes liquid lipstick, skin care, makeup tutorials, a lash program and let’s not forget “inexpensive and high-end” eyelashes.

Her eyelash collections are called “Glam Eyelash Collection”, and “Premium Eyelash Collection”. You can chose from different eyelashes, that even she wears herself.

1. Glam Tokyo: Tokyo eyelashes are made with human hair to give you a thick and Chyna Doll look. These eyelashes give you that dramatic look. ($8.99)

2. Premium Tokyo: Premium Tokyo is sexy! This style lashes emphasizes on the criss-cross effect to give a fuller and exotic look. ($8.99)

3. Premium Ice: Premium Ice eyelashes is for a natural look and perfect for day glam. The lashes are longer but still dainty. ( $8.99)


4. Premium Treasure: This style consist of medium and deep human hair.  They are longer to add volume. ($8.99)

5. Glam Ice: Ice eyelashes are light in volume and length. It gives you a natural day time look. ($6.99)


Author: Jazmyne .W ~ Contributing editor