My roommate and I have been having a huge debate on what makes a young women stand out in makeup. There are a lot of college students who pile on makeup so much that it looks completely unnatural, and then the girls who where simple mascara. Well, we have come up with a couple make up statements that will make you appropriate for a professional day but attention grabbing at the same time. These will help you be somewhere in the middle of too much and too little. Take a look!



Perfect Brow: Everyone knows that the perfect brow has been a trend and a must have for awhile now. If you don’t feel like putting on heavy makeup, the least you can do is arch those eyebrows! I preferably use Anastasia Dip Brow, that I purchased from Sephora. For something light but statement making, I’d go with light complexion makeup, mascara, and the perfect brow.


Illuminating Complexion: Illuminating is to be glowing in the light or the dark! Making your complexion glow, means it looks healthy and natural but after applying the illuminating moisturizer, apply light foundation to blend and give it a cleaner look.

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Dark Eyeliner: One of my favorites. When I am rushing to class and don’t have time for full makeup, applying eye liner is always a must! Whether your a top or bottom eyeliner type of girl OR if you’re both than that’s perfect! Eyeliner draws attention to the most important part of a face – the eyes. Whether it is a winged eyeliner, or just something simple, you’ll be good to go!


Bold Lipstick: I am a true lipstick junkie. I love all different colors, and kinds. Make a statement with whatever you feel is YOUR version of a statement lipstick! Many girls have different views on lipstick colors, as well as lipstick colors being determined by ones complexion. I prefer a bold lipstick in order to make a statement and to me that’s a dark vamp color, or something bright like red/orange. I could go for either or! Lipstick is a statement to me as a whole regardless of the color.

These are all easy go-to makeup looks that are not time consuming while still making you stand out in a crowd.

Author: Kassandra.L ~ Contributing editor