I big chopped in July of 2013, let my hair grow out a little, only to big chop again in December of 2014. I have been through all the natural hair struggles like every one else. My main problems occurred during my twa (teeny weeny afro) stage. I mean, it’s like once you find a product that works, you still can’t figure out how to style your twa. Some days I felt so good about my hair, and others, I regretted cutting it. I felt so unladylike with such short hair sometimes. Now it’s my second go round, and I guess you can say I’m an expert at understanding my twa now. Even on “bad hair days” I have tricks that I use to make my hair look at least a little cute. These tricks can actually work for any size hair, but for this post I’m mainly focusing on us TWA girls.

Check out ways I dress my twa up for every occasion!


(1) Wear a head band: Headbands today are more glamorized and you have so many looks to choose from. My favorites are the floral headbands. Choose a look you’re trying to achieve then go from there!


(2) Wear a turban: One of my favorite choices to accessorize with are turbans. Turbans come in solids or multicolored. They’re so inexpensive and you can even create your own by cutting a scarf or some old fabric. You can use any scarf or fabric you like, as long as it’s big enough to fully cover your head.


(3) Wear a wig: Wigs are no longer for just old people. I am constantly watching wig reviews and tutorials on how to style them. A lot of people like to make their own wigs. If this is something you have the patience to do, you can go on Youtube for instructions. I don’t have the patience so I usually just purchase mines and style to my desired look. I prefer wigs over weaves. I love that you can just take it on and off and it’s a heck of a lot more friendly on my pockets.


(4) Wear a hat: Hats are so convenient on casual days. You can just throw them on and go. Walmart sells plenty of cute little hats for cheap. Stores like Rue 21, Wetseal, and H&M also have good deals on hats.


(5) Gel it down: This is more of a last resort for me, but good gel can definitely work wonders on your twa. Try gelling down just the sides or your whole head. The texture of your hair will play a factor in how effective the gel will be, but look up some gel reviews for your hair texture and you will be fine!

gel chart


These tips should help you conquer any day with your twa!!!

 What are some ways you dress your hair up? 

Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor