It’s that time of year when your skin is taking a beating.  Between the harsh weather and cold temperatures sometimes a simple lip balm just doesn’t do the trick.  Instead try a few of these simple lip scrubs instead!

flavored lip scrub

1. Flavored scrub – With only a few simple ingredients and a tube of chap-stick, you can have your favorite flavor lip scrub at your fingertips. Other than almost unlimited flavors, the ingredients are inexpensive, and they make great gifts!
aspirin lip scrub
2. Aspirin Lip Scrub – If you want to take exfoliating to the next level this recipe for aspirin scrub will do the trick. It may sound unappealing at first, but combined with sugar, it’s perfect for chapped lips.

coconut oil
3. Coconut lip scrub – Since coconut oil is good for everything, it’s no surprise that it would be a great ingredient to combine with a lip scrub.

salt lip scrub
4.  Salt and sugar scrub – This salty sweet combination is great for exfoliating dry lips.

5. Coffee lip scrub – This is great for caffine lovers, or anyone who needs a little extra boost. It’s also a great way to use your leftover coffee grounds!

Author: Jessy.E ~ Contributing editor