1. The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge Even though Kylie Jenner admitted that her luscious lips were the result of lip injections, that didn’t stop the trend from catching on.  Instead of sticking your mouth in a cup to create the “suctioned lip” look, settle for your natural look instead, or to create a fuller look use a highlighter on your cupids bow instead. man bun
  2. Man Bun- Thank the fashion goddess that this trend can be left in 2015.  Even though the men gave it a try, the Man Bun ended up being more of a flop than a hit. Unless you’re an extra on Game of Thrones or a certain type of guy (who is beautiful and can pull off almost literally anything.)  This will not work for you.  Leave the real and clip-ins for the ladies.contouring
  3. Heavy contouring– We are not Kim Kardashian with paparazzi following in our wake.  Save the heavy contouring for special occasions, photo ops, and other events like that.  There’s no need to waste expensive makeup to run errands or hang out with your friends, it’s time to give your face a break and let it breathe in the New Yearwokeupliekthis
  4. #wokeuplikethis– Let’s face it, no one believes that you woke up with no puffy eyes, red face, or any other morning flaws woman encounter on a daily basis.  As a woman embracing natural beauty is a must, but let’s face it, we don’t all wake up flawless like Beyoncé.orig-21137335
  5.  Big Brows– Big, beautiful, bold brows are still in, but it’s time to shine some light on thin brows as well. As much as we want it, we can’t have it all and we all can’t have perfect eyebrows, this year embrace your skinny brow!
Author: Jessy.E ~ Contributing editor