Having access to all the greatest beauty products can be amazing, but sometimes not all of them work every time. Vaseline cost about less than $5 and there are so many different things you can use it for. Keep in mind these 5 useful ways just in case next time you decide to use of the cheapest beauty remedies out there! Especially during winter months, Vaseline will change your life.


1. Highlighter
Use it under your brow bone, not only to highlight, but to disguise brow hairs in between waxing and can also be applied to shin bone to create a natural shimmer look.

2. To Open Stuck Nail Polish
Use vaseline under the cap on nail polish bottles to prevent them from gluing shut.


3. Make Perfume Last Longer
Just dab a little bit of vaseline on anywhere on your body before spraying perfume.


4. Get Softer Feet Overnight
Before going to bed, rub you feet with a good amount of vaseline, then put some socks on and wake up to incredibly soft feet.


5. Remove Fake Eyelashes
Take some vaseline and dab it all over your lashes and top of eye lids and slowly attempt to remove it. After rubbing it for some seconds the eyelash will easily come off by itself.

Author: Emma.V ~ Contributing editor