Maybe I’m the only one who thinks getting married is the new trend now? It’s almost like a competitive sport. I know way too many people who are engaged and still “making conversation” with others of the opposite sex. If you’re so in love, why do you feel the need to keep a few around.

The sacredness of marriage is just not taken seriously anymore. I feel a lot of people are getting married now just for the “ooos”, “ahhs” and likes on social media. Instead of people being concerned with the fundamentals of marriage, they’re worried about which angle makes them look like a cuter couple for their IG pic. Marriage is being flounced around like it’s the new thing to do!


Marriage is an excellent idea if you’re doing it for the right reasons, but if the only reason you’re getting married is to tell me that you are, DON’T GET MARRIED! It’s so alarming the amount of married couples with single tendencies. I see more wives wearing clothes that are way too revealing more then single women. Maybe they feel since they already have their man he’s not going anywhere. I guess if you met her that way you shouldn’t expect her to change after marriage. I don’t think a man truly loves you if he’s ok with you always being half naked. I see as many married men discussing their sex lives on social media as I do single men. Then the wives see this happening and they laugh about it like it’s normal. I assume they enjoy the abuse. What man who’s in love with a woman wants every other man to know what his wife is working with? I’ll let you think on that. It won’t take long. It’s definitely not ok to put everything you do with your significant other out for the world to see. Nobody really wants to know about your sex life and if they do, text it to them. If you can’t text it to them you aren’t close enough to them for them to know (which no one should be). Couples in general need to stop asking everyone for relationship advice. Especially if you’re planning a long term life with that person. Everyone is not here for your relationship even if they act like they are. Some people are giving you the wrong advice because they can’t wait to see your relationship fail. These people could even be the closet ones to you who’re doing this. We don’t need to know when you guys are on a rough patch everytime you hit one. Stop posting how miserable and lonely you are when you guys aren’t talking. You’re just fishing for attention from someone else and we can clearly see that. You may think it’s a term of endearment to always tell us how in love you are, but as I always say, if you’re THAT in love you wouldn’t need to always tell us. We would be able to see that with no words needed. Some married couples are constantly announcing their love to the world. They obviously fail to realize that they did this when they made vows. Have a wedding every month since you want to always announce about your relationship.

I’m going to let some of you couples playing married in on a little secret…we are not convinced. Stop playing with love as if it’s a toy that you can trash then go to the store and buy a new one when you’re done with it. Love is none of those things you post on social networks 24/7. Some of you are married and have the slightest idea of what love really is. You’re not in love. Everyone knows it except you.

If you want to get married then go about it the right way. Marriage is not a competition. Don’t feel rushed because everyone around you is doing it. You don’t know what all they are going through behind closed doors. Marriage is hard. It’s not all the happiness you see floating around. You have great moments and not so great moments. Make those moments with someone you truly want to be with for eternity. You owe it to yourself.unnamed-5

Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor