In a recent interview with Peter Bailey, New Orleans native rapper Lil Boosie stated that African American is the worse race in the world. He says this is because we continuously kill one another (because he’s never killed/or had someone killed before), sell drugs within our own communities, and then we complain about the white man. I understand where Lil Boosie was coming from and what point he was trying to make, but the fact is, it was coming from “Lil Boosie!!!” He is nothing short of the typical African American male stereotypes. It was very contradicting of him based on his rap sheet. He doesn’t have too great of a record himself. African American’s are in an uproar about this. Lil Boosie is being called all kinds of uncle Toms.

Granted, he should not have stated that black people are the worse race in the world, especially when he is contributing to the problem, but I would not say he’s an uncle Tom for saying what he said. There is no unity in the black community and there hasn’t been for a very long time. We are always the victims. We need to take some ownership. What we also need to stop doing is complaining about one another and try to help each other. I’ve never seen a race that hates their own selves so much. For what reason? There is an underlying inferiority complex that we should have overcome 100 years ago. I try my best to defend my race, but the fact of the matter is, we need to do better! We will march when a white man kills one of us, but we kill each other ALL THE TIME! I see no marching then.

Stop being hypocrites! Our youth are getting gunned down by one another in the streets every single day. How much blood has to be shed for us to realize we are doing this to ourselves? It has nothing to do with the “white man.” We have spent so many years looking for others to blame when the true suspects are our own people. If we do not plan to change anything, we should just stop complaining. It’s getting old now.

Check out his interview and tell me how you feel about what he said:

Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor