“Past Due”


Currently I’m on a spiritual journey of forgiveness. I am learning how to love myself. I was once angry, but I am learning to accept myself and the mistakes I’ve made. I ask that you join me on this journey. We can do this together. I pray my article enlightens you.


Why are you so afraid to move on? One thing that really bothers me is someone who is constantly living in the past. A lot of times we find ourselves becoming angry or holding on to mistakes we’ve made and we don’t even realize it. Always being down on yourself because of past mistakes is one of the quickest ways to run someone out of your life. Know this, everyone has made mistakes. Some people may pretend like they have it all together but no one really does. NO ONE.

photo4Never letting go of your past will be very detrimental to your overall success in life. When I say success, I’m not talking about just money. A lot of money doesn’t mean you’re successful. My personal definition of success is true happiness. Not the kind that you fake to make others think you’re doing better then what you really are, but real happiness. When you learn to put the past behind you, you’ll be one step closer to achieving your nirvana.

Let the past be just what it is. Think about it: if you never mess up, how will you ever learn? Learning is the only way you’ll really grow.

Stop allowing others to keep bringing your past up. If you have a loved one who always feels the need to mention everything you’ve done wrong previously, do yourself a favor and let them go! That’s the problem with a lot of us. We want to hold on to people just because we’re used to them. They may have been around a long time, they may have even helped you before, but if their intentions are not for you to elevate, then cut them off!

photo1 (1)Live your life by these three E’s: Enlighten, Evolve, Elevate. A friend is more then someone who goes places with you. A real friend would never keep bringing up your past, especially when they know you’re trying to move on from it. Keep in mind, some people will bring up your past in order to protect themselves. Those people who you’ve hurt before may need time to heal and haven’t found how to stop bringing it up. Understand their situation and give them the time they need. Others, on the other hand, bring up your past in a plot to slowly tear you down. They want to feel better about themselves so they’ll mention dirt that you’ve done so they can achieve temporary joy. Run away from those kind quickly! They mean you no good. Jealousy is the sister of death.

What’s so bad about having a past anyway? We all have one! You’re no different from anyone else. Your mistakes may not be my mistakes, but they’re all still mistakes. The key to moving on is knowing who you are. If you don’t know exactly who you are, start trying to find out. Make a list of things you want to learn about you. Set goals for your life. When you’re busy looking forward you have no time to look back.

Your past is one of the greatest things about you. It is your ministry. It is the spiritual journey that you need to travel in order to pursue your calling. Your past may be something you aren’t very proud of, but that’s the beautiful thing about it. It makes your story that much more amazing. Forgive yourself. Stop holding on to things that will hinder you in life. I am learning this slowly but surely. I am currently on my own spiritual journey to forgiving myself and I would love for others to join me. Wake up every morning and instead of asking “why”, ask, “why not.” This journey was given to you for a reason. You’re obviously strong enough to handle it. Your past is pass due.

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Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor