“Hating Calls”

Due to events that have recently occurred in my life, I decided to discuss negativity from others & what it all means to me. This article is directed towards no one in particular. Everything written is strictly my opinions. I hope this article helps someone who has been affected from the negative thoughts of others.


unnamed-1It’s amazing that life moves so quickly, yet perplexingly enough, people still find time to discuss your imperfections or lack there of. Whenever you aren’t doing exactly what “they” want you to do, you become a target for never ending slander & persecution by people who typically barely even know you. Most of the time you don’t even know who these anonymous people are. You usually find out via someone else & they never tell you who “them” is. Am I the only one who finds that strange? Why has the world become so consumed with what other people are doing? The main people who don’t know you have the most to squawk about.

Since social networks have become the newest form of communication, people have this false sense of closeness with network friends. Let me make this clear, just because you’re connected to someone on a social network site does not mean you know them. All you know is what you see on that site. Most people only show you the good. There are few and far between that will show you what really occurs and all the nitty gritty that comes with it. You need to wake up if you think you really know someone from their Facebook or IG page. Of course we naturally are going to place our judgments from what gets posted, but you need to be careful when casting stones. That glass house can only take so many. On top of all of that, if you dislike someone THAT much, why are you following them? There is a such thing as an “unfollow button.” Stop being petty and utilize it. Don’t keep complaining about what they post. People have the right to state their opinions. Understand that. That’s a real sign of maturity!

Don’t believe the hype. Sometimes the main people who are flashing their fancy goods & big smiles, go home every night and cry themselves to sleep because they’re miserable. Yes, they might have a new car and you’re still pushing your grandma’s hand me down, but at least you’re not in debt from a car note you can barely afford. There’s good and bad in everything. People are literally losing their lives worried about what someone else is doing. There are thousands of hobbies that can be pursued in life, hating does not have to be one of them.

imageThis leads me to discuss what a hater is. For those who are unaware, review my checklist and see if you qualify for this position:

(1) Always concerned what the matters of others.
(2) Target individuals to hate on at random, based on how you feel that day.
(3) Has absolutely no reason to dislike a person but you just do.
(4) Concerned with other people’s issues more then your own.

If you check off for one or more of these things, you are officially deemed a hater. There is also subtle hating. This hating comes in the form of subliminal actions. In laments term this is known as “the reach”. Subliminal hating is what usually goes on these days. Everyone knows those same people who are always letting you know how “great” their life is & who broadcasts their every move. This is their way of putting others down. They care more about you feeling less then them then anything. It’s all subconscious foolery. I’ll let you in on a secret, their life really isn’t all that great.

unnamed-4At some point in life you have to be more focused on yourself then other people. I don’t see where people get the energy from to always hate on others. Eventually you need to move on from the pettiness going on inside that make believe world in your head and grow up. Either that or join hands and sing Kumbaya with the other members of the Hater’s Club. That for sure will make you feel better.

Honestly, who cares what these people think about you? If they don’t affect your livelihood then nothing they feel towards you matters. You literally will lose no sleep at night. Some people feel the world should stop & bow just because they dislike something. Life doesn’t work that way and people don’t either. Remember, nothing will ever be good enough to a hater. We have entered a world where being just like everyone else is cool, & being different is looked down on. Don’t even waste your time attempting to please them. A naysayer is always lurking in your bushes just waiting for you to step on a thorn.

The best way to get rid of a hater is don’t. Let them stick around. They guarantee that you’re doing something right. Let them cry about how much they dislike you, let them continue to drag your name through the mud, let them keep having restless nights because you’re in their mental, & let them wallow in their misery all by their lonesome. Be flattered that they toss & turn & cringe at the thought of you. Continue to bask in your awesomeness. Continue to shine on them and as soon as you really start to tick them off, shine even brighter. If they’re mad now, wait until you really start making moves and see how mad they’ll be. Let them stay mad. Forever mad.


Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor