“Sex Sails”

“In a world full of bad girls, the good girls are the true rebels.” – Unknown.
This article contains some references that may be offensive. It is strictly based off my opinions. Please read with caution and an open mind.



Some of us find it strange that sex has become a new form of worthiness in some people’s minds. As if Heaven can be reached through sex. Since social media has boomed, the art of selling sex has become rampant like never before. We no longer have to google porn…it’s plastered everywhere! From Facebook to Instagram.

“Models” around the world rejoice now that they’re allowed to scandalously lie down, spread their legs, & snap candid photos to receive 100 plus likes on Instagram. Honestly, this is just another form of prostitution. Yet, unlike prostitutes who are actually getting paid in cash, these digital prostitutes are getting paid in likes. True models don’t give away their work for free. Think about that. I never thought I’d see the day when likes on a picture were more precious then your body’s sacredness. Well, that day has come and a horrid day it is.


Twerking is the new mating call. Now just like wild animals, we see young women shaking their behinds in front of a camera in order to attract a mate. There’s nothing remotely attractive about bending over in your underwear, shaking your behind, then posting it on the internet for everyone to see. Desperate would be an understatement to define this reach for attention. All the baby you fines in the world couldn’t convince me that a man would be attracted to a woman who’s so loose. Yes. You’re a loose woman. Even if you aren’t you appear that way, so which is really worse? What do you really gain? Some things are better left for the imagination…or at least for the privacy of your home. They may congratulate you on your amazing “skills” to make a man’s genitalia feel temporarily happy, but they’re discussing how you’re a freak and calling you a bitch as soon as your back is turned.

I’m afraid some people don’t realize that sex is fleeting. Yes, you may be a 20 something hot tamale right now, but what will you be 20 years from now? 20 years from now, people won’t care about how many backside pictures you posted and how many likes you received. Substance is what will matter.


For those who were wondering, sex doesn’t make you special. Having a nice body that you show to the world doesn’t make you different. Posting half nude pictures twenty four seven doesn’t make you stand out. Almost everyone is doing that. In order to stand out, you must do things that everyone ISN’T doing. I think some of us have forgotten that. Here’s a public service announcement: YOU ARE MORE THEN YOUR BODY AND SEX!!! Stop looking at Rihanna and Kim Kardashian and believing that if they can do it, so can you. False! These women are rich. We can pretend that being rich doesn’t matter in what you can get away with, but sadly, it does. Even their day of reckoning will come eventually too. We won’t always be young and beautiful.


Instead of holding up a finger sign with your legs gapped open, hold up a degree. Instead of always using sex to scheme throughout life, try doing things that will really matter. Things that will last. Think for yourself. Use your brain. Your body can only get you so far. Your knowledge and the way you utilize your mind is what will take you places. Real places. A few rides in the back of some random baller’s car hardly counts as living.

Evolve from the mindset of thinking that sex is really that important. Teach young people that their body is their temple and they must nurture it. Don’t allow everyone to enter your holy place. Loosing your dignity and respect is never worth it. Love yourself so much that you won’t feel the need to sell your body for free. Love is everlasting. Sex sails.

Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor