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You are not alone. Protect yourself.


I’m sure some of you have heard about the recent allegations against Steelers’ lineman, Cam Thomas. His ex girlfriend is claiming that she received genital herpes from him. They were in a relationship where they often times had unprotected sex so she knows for a fact she contracted this disease from images7B33HU9Rhim. She actually saw signs of the std and asked him about it, yet she still proceeded to have unprotected sex with him. Now, it’s 2014. By the time you’re 18, I expect you to be well aware of the dangers of unprotected sex. It’s extremely hard for me to feel bad for grown adults who contract stds when signs are knowingly there. At this point, everyone should know to protect themselves. If you aren’t married, you should NOT be having unprotected sex. Stds don’t care who you are, they’re out here for everyone.

I just don’t see how people can feel comfortable having unprotected with someone they don’t trust. I’ve heard a lot of people say, “Oh I hate using condoms because it doesn’t feel the same.” Would you rather be safe and have a condom not feel as great but still feel good, or not be safe and have sex that only feels a tad bit different? I’ll let you think about that. If your partner really cares about you they will also care about your sexual health. No one wants unexpected children and no one definitely wants a sexually transmitted disease.

imagesOften times we let the person we’re with convince us that it’s ok to not use condoms. That’s how a lot of people get caught up. They start sleeping with each other using condoms then after a while they get comfortable and feel it’s really no need for them anymore. Their partner is an angel and would never step out on them. If they do decide to cheat, they’ll let them know before they sleep together again. PLEASE! Only in a make believe world. You do have some people that will let you know off the rip that they’ve slept around and you shouldn’t sleep with them until after they’re tested, but those people are few and far between. The main ones you trust are sometimes the main ones doing dirty work behind your back. Not saying that you shouldn’t trust people, but you should be smart. It’s extremely disrespectful to sleep with multiple individuals unprotected at the same time. That not only shows you care nothing about who you’re with, but you also care nothing about yourself. If you don’t really think too much about protecting them, at least protect yourself. Don’t subject your health for a few minutes of pleasure.

black-couple-in-bedThere are different avenues you can take to protect yourself from stds. Keep condoms at all times, especially if you know you’re sexually active. The best way to protect yourself is cliché but true: abstinence. If you truly can’t find anyone you can trust with your body and sexual health, just abstain. Some people act like they will die if they can’t have sex. It may be the very opposite. Sex is just not that serious. Have self control. Sex is meant to be enjoyable. If you have to worry all the time about it, then you shouldn’t be doing it. Know that your body is a temple and only someone you trust should be able to explore that temple. Have self worth and confidence in your being. You never know what great person you can attract in doing so.


 Please watch this video on the proper way to use a condom:


Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor