So it seems the youth generation has no desire to pick up a book.Maybe it’s because it takes some time, maybe it’s too tedious for some, maybe it isn’t stressed enough, or could be simply technology. Whatever the cause, it’s decreased the very NEED the mind uses for expansion in intelligence. Reading comprehension is a factor in its own, training the mind, conditioning to grasp concepts in different forms, even the ability to retain information and remember it.image

Granite physical learning can be very beneficial, hearing, even seeing information . However, when presented in written form where things can’t be seen, touched, tasted, even felt, may not be processed the same way. Is reading as a whole the problem, or could it be interesting if it’s a book to your liking?

I have two great suggestions! I do have to say, these two books aren’t mediocre, be prepared to open the mind, and to indulge in great chances of change. “The Secret” and “How to get out of your own way” are two spiritual instructional novels. Presenting information by stating examples, past experiences, factual studies, and connecting some dots is the approach Tyrese Gibson and Rhonda Byrne decided to take as authors. Who wouldn’t want to know about mind expansion, implementing change, and stepping stools to unleashing your inner truth!?

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If that isn’t interesting enough find what fits you best, just remember reading is one of the best exercises for the mind!

Author: Santi.L ~ Contributing editor