daydreamingThough I am not a single mother, nor am I a mother period, I do have eyes. And with these eyes I have noticed a trend. You see, I am very observant. Whenever something seems out of place, especially, that’s when I observe the most. Single moms, I have a few questions: Why is it that you feel it’s OK to bring every man you meet around your child? Why do you think it’s necessary to jump into the first relationship that you’re able to? Do you not consider the well being of your child?

Before someone gets offended and try to tell me that’s not ALL single moms…save your breath. Clearly I know that. Those questions are for the ones who it relates to, apparently. I just can’t stand when I see a woman, especially a single mom, bringing millions of men in and out of their territory. Just as a woman, it’s not a good look. When you’re single with no children it’s  different, but when children get involved it’s a whole different ball game! It’s not cute.

Every man should not have the privilege of meeting your child. Yes, that should be a privilege. Every man doesn’t deserve that honor. It’s disgusting when I see a woman with children always with a different man. We know all of those men aren’t your brothers! We’re not stupid, girl. So what if they’re tricking off? You can pay your own bills! If you’re healthy then you can go get a job and take care of your child by yourself. Don’t depend on a man to do it. More then likely, they’re only going to help you out up until you can’t do anything else for them. I know all men aren’t bad, but you have to be cautious.

I know you guys have seen hundreds of news stories when the lady’s boystep childfriend has severely injured or killed her child. You don’t want to be that lady. You have to make sure you know who you have around. Your child will be super confused if you’re constantly bringing different men in and out. They won’t know who their dad is! Please stop telling your children to call any of these men daddy. To me, that’s a form of child abuse. In fact, there should be laws against that. That’s how low down it is. You’re hurting yourself and your child too. Don’t feel like you HAVE to have a man just because you’re a woman, mainly one with a child.


Yes, things may not have worked out with the father of your child, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the next thing that comes along. You still deserve the best. You deserve the best for yourself and your child.



Author: Danie.M ~ Contributing editor