With social media uproars things can be a hit, miss, or complete joke. But one frenzy that has been sweeping participants up one video at a time is the Mannequin Challenge! Challenges on social media are different activities that participants can add their own twist to. The Mannequin Challenge in particular is when a group of any size stands still as if they are Mannequins. Social media users couldn’t resist but to join the movement, and its no surprise that it has evolved since its

In a matter of weeks this Challenge has become a must do, and has expanded beyond measure. Not only gaining its own theme song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd ft. Gucci Mane ,but people have become very creative with their interpretations. Some including, interpretations of music videos, baby deliveries, church services, even club scenes.

This began as a classroom activity in a Jacksonville Florida high school on October 26, 2016!All the children in the class along with the teacher stood as if they were mannequins, and posted their challenge to twitter under two students accounts @prvrity___ , and thvtmelanin_ .The captions simply stated “#mannequinchallenge SHARE!! RT!!”, and #mannequinchallenge(inserted emoji mask). From those post,the challenge gained massive momentum. It’s no telling how long this challenge will thrive!Upload your version and see the response!


Author: Santi.L ~ Contributing editor